Women-in-Residence documents the histories and trajectories of women of color in the arts and culture fields. Artists, curators, musicians, producers, and art laborers of all stripes have had to discover their own paths to navigate societal and institutional roadblocks.
In this project, we highlight their presence and retrace their paths so that others can follow in their footsteps.
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of artists represented in U.S. museum collections are men.



are white.
Topaz CM, Klingenberg B, Turek D, Heggeseth B, Harris PE, Blackwood JC, et al. (2019) Diversity of artists in major U.S. museums. PLoS ONE 14(3): e0212852.
women earn



for every $1 a male museum director makes.
what men earn
what women earn

= $


is how much less women across the arts profession make compared to their male counterparts.
Treviño V, Voss ZG, Anagnos C, Wade AD (2017) The Ongoing Gender Gap inArt Museum Directorships. AAMD.

Lindemann, D. J., Rush, C. A., & Tepper, S. J. (2016). An Asymmetrical Portrait: Exploring Gendered Income Inequality in the Arts. Social Currents, 3(4), 332–348.



of visual artists in the U.S. are women.



820,000 exhibits reviewed
of exhibitions across the public and commercial sectors showcase women artists.