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Donations to Women-in-Residence enable us to pay artists directly for recording an oral history and contributing their personal papers to the archive, as well as overhead costs like webhosting and storage.

Women-in-Residence is a project of Brown Art Ink LLC. Although Brown Art Ink does not have 501(c)3 status, donations to this project are tax-deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Arts Business Collaborative. For more information on their charity status, including EIN number, please visit their website.

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All donations will include an e-book of Brown Girls Museum Blog essays. Donations of $50 include a special “Let Artists be Artists” tote & coffee mug.
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Ewelina  Olechowska
Jae Hong  Park
Brittany  Lindstrom
Samantha  Page
Tu Madre Clothing
Alexandra Soto
Jean  Klewitz
Cassandra  Priante
Kaitlyn  Keating
Alia  Munley
Efeh  Ibojie
Jordan Den  Ellis
Lillian  Jamie Hull
Elia  Tzoukermann
Meaghan  O'Donovan
michael  sletta
Lauren  Arriola
Catherine  E Richard
paige  raleifh
Sabine  Paris
Alison M  Grayson
Lysa  Penrose (on behalf of Shanna Germain)
Rahul  Mirpuri
Ryan falla
Sarah  Harris
Salina  peterson mckinnon
Carmen  Christopher
Nicolas  Chiriboga
Ursula  Kamm
adri  Suarez
Bolo tie  fundraiser
David C  Green
Corina Li
Emma  Spoelhof
Justin  Rivers
Rusty  Hatfield
Diane  Solomon
Maeve  Zolkowski
Mackenzie  Woodrow
Deirdre  Braun
Paige  Marie

Thank You!

The Women-in-Residence project was made possible by Arts Business Collaborative and contributions from the following donors.